this blog is perfect! would you consider giffing a bit of shakira's "she-wolf" video?

Hey, thank you so much! <3 And sure, I will!

Sorry for the delay, I was off of tumblr the last months, but I’m back now :) xx

breakfast at tiffany's   moon river   audrey hepburn   gif  
breakfast at tiffany's   gif  
lollipop   mika   gifset   lollipop mika   mika lollipop   *  
we can't stop   miley cyrus   gif  
made in the usa   demi lovato   gif   *  
made in the usa   demi lovato   gif  
lollipop   mika   gif   request   mika lollipop   lollipop mika  
controversy   natalia kills   lol   those are the funniest   gifset  
when i grow up   the pussycat dolls   pussycat dolls   nicole scherzinger   gifset